premium yakiniku gion pound

everything is the highest peak

yakiniku that goes beyond yakiniku that overturns common sense.
we lavish our skills and provide supreme domestic wagyu beef in
the best condition.


worthy of the name of premium, we offer luxurious private rooms.
the best “moment” with the best “space”.


  • 听 King’s Jade Hand Box
    A gem suitable for “King” who luxuriously uses “A5 rank” black wagyu beef, which is the highest quality beef that meets strict standards. A5 fin 6,380 yen / A5 sirloin 4,950 yen

    听 a platter of exquisite black wagyu beef that the craftsman of the 听 who knows the best taste
    meat has carefully selected and selected. 7,480yen

in addition to the above, we have a variety of dishes such as one-dish dishes, soups, desserts, etc.


we offer wine, champagne, whiskey, sake, shochu, and others carefully selected from all over the country.
*soft drinks are also available



premium yakiniku gion pound

Dojo Building 1F Room B
075-531-2029 on the north side of Gion-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

business hours

17:30-25:00 (L.O 24:30)
Regular holiday: Sunday
Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, business hours and regular holidays may differ from those listed.
Please check with the store in advance when you visit.


reservations are here.

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